Bionic Hope
Pvt. Ltd. ( Robo Bionics)

Never Feel Broken! Active upper limb Prosthetic Arm.

4mirror Tech Innovatives
Pvt. Ltd.

Facility Monitoring Solutions Using IoT Systems.

Atlamedico Techsolutions
Pvt. Ltd.

Portable and affordable Critical Patient Monitoring Device.

Wityliti Automation &
Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

IoT based Automation Solutions.

Portable Power
Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Complete Battery Management Systems (BMS)] at Cell & Battery Pack Levels.

Silifarm Technologies
Pvt. Ltd.

Portable and affordable Critical Patient Monitoring Device

Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Quickly adaptable IOT and automation platform.

Tarudhairya Digtial
Pvt. Ltd.

Blockchain based citizen health Journey Platform.

Smartway Electronics
Pvt. Ltd.

Development of Smart Board for Smart class solution

Pvt. Ltd

Smart healthcare service for rural as well as urban areas.

Huper System
Pvt. Ltd.

AI-powered cameras to keep you and your loved ones safe!

Pvt. Ltd.

Electro Curietech
Pvt. Ltd.

Development of Portable Cataract Detection System.

SaptKrishi Scientific
Pvt. Ltd.

Preservation of Food & Vegetable using pseudo climate and energy saving technology

Amjad Ali Healthcare
Pvt. Ltd.

Dr Telemedicine on a Bike which can be booked on OMEDDR App.


Create a holistic fitness, occupational health evaluation self-service platform

Pvt. Ltd.

Posture correction device with gensture input computer peripheral.

Skugal Technologies
Pvt. Ltd.

Bussines plan inspired by Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, combining them with cloud computing to solve problem in education sector.

Giscle Systems
Pvt. Ltd.

Capture Accurate Insight from every shopper at the entrance of the product.

Sybylline Robotics
Pvt. Ltd.

Robotic Home, Hotel and Hospital Cleaning Solutions.

Pvt. Ltd.

Device to analyze properties of urine for health monitoring.

Lifegraph Biomedical
Instrumention Pvt. Ltd

Remote Drip Infusion Monitoring Systems for Hospitals.

Scraptechies Solutions
Pvt. Ltd

Development of advanced surveillance Products.

Pvt. Ltd

Pvt. Ltd

Enabling quality and affordable healthcare access for half a billion underserved rural population.

Techprolabz: The School of Robotics

At Techprolabz, we are shaping the future with technology and transforming the learning procedure Educational Technology

 Biro Power
Pvt. Ltd

To Manufacture e-vehicle with wide charging network which will unique solution of challenges of charging of e-vehicles

Pvt. Ltd

India's 1st Doctor to Doctor Application
E-Platform for connecting Senior and Junior Doctor

Invesilius Ortho
Pvt. Ltd.