Facilities at

Incubation Center


The IC IITP works with the vision to be the leading technology business incubator in the country in the area of Electronics Systems Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) and Medical Electronics.

In line with this, IC IITP provides state of the art facilities to the incubated start-ups to give them a head start in business. All possible needs a start-up in ESDM area is taken care of from well-furnished office space to support for a successful commercial launch.

Technology Infrastructure

IC IITP offers one of the best technology ecosystems in the country. The incubated companies not only get access to advanced technology infrastructure, but are also provided with competent technical guidance and mentoring.

ESDM Laboratories

IC IITP provides incubated companies access to the following laboratories and equipment for design, prototyping and testing and measurements. Each laboratory is staffed with technically competent staff to assist the users under the supervision of a technical manager.


PCB based Electronic System Manufacturing.

  1. PCB plotter machine setup with compressor and vacuum cleaner
  2. Through-Hole plating machine
  3. Hydraulic Multilayer Press Machine
  4. Solder Paste Printer Machine
  5. Component Pick and Place Machine
  6. Solder Oven with temperature recording
  7. Solder Resist and Legend Print machine
  8. BGA Rework system with reflow process camera
  9. Multichannel Rework station


PCB and Electronic System Testing and Measurement

  1. Electrometer with Low Current Scanner Card
  2. Switch System
  3. Digital Serial Analyzer Sampling Oscilloscope
  4. Real Time Spectrum Analyzer
  5. Source Measurement Instrument
  6. Digital Oscilloscope
  7. Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
  8. Logic Analyzer
  9. Triple Output Isolated Channel Power Supply
  10. Integrated Test bench
  11. Pulse/Pattern Generator
  12. Multichannel Rework station


Fabrication facility/ Clean room

  1. Mask Aligner for UV photolithography for mask
    patterning for electronic system fabrication
  2. RF/DC Magnetron Sputtering system for deposition of
    functional layers (oxides/nitrides etc.) for electronic system fabrication.
  3. Critical point dryer required for MEMS release
    for electronic system fabrication
  4. Hot plates with temperature uniformity for areas
    holding 4″ wafers
  5. Spin coater with suitable heads for holding wafers up to 4″
  6. Optical Microscope for inspection of fabricated
    electronic systems
  7. Fume Hoods for dark room and wet process area for
    electronic system fabrication
  8. Online UPS 15kVA for unrestricted power supply to
    equipment in mini device process area for electronic
    system fabrication

Office Facilities

Staff of incubated companies is provided with industry equivalent office facilities.

The work space is complete with desk, chairs, PC with OS and basic software, white board, pin pad, roll in cupboards and is fitted with industry standard electrical and network connections.

Large white boards and pin pads are provided to each incubated company. To sit back and relax or to put on your thinking cap, bean bags are available. Ample storage is provided for files, consumables and small equipment. An open desk theme (no partitions between desks of staff of a company) is followed to enable close collaboration of the team.

For your printing and copying needs, access is provided to high performance reprographics facilities including colour printers and copiers which is shared among all incubated companies.

Conference rooms and meeting rooms will be shared by incubated companies and can be used by scheduling it.

Communication Facilities

Each incubated company will be provided with phones. All staff will have access to broadband internet connections. Video Conferencing facilities are available on shared basis which can be used to communicate with mentors, customers or investors.